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Community Information

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You may pay your assessments online by clicking the following link:  Online Assessment Payment Center

Woodwind Estates

Mailbox Keys

You must obtain mailbox keys from the United States Postal Service at your local post office.

Gate Codes/Remotes

For gate access requests, please email kpm@kpmtx.com or call 713-956-1995.


Section 7.03 Vehicles; Parking
Occupant Vehicles, as defined in the restrictions, are any single family member of the residents of each lot, and any other person visiting or staying at the lot who parks the vehicle within the subdivision at any time more than three days in any week or more than five days in any consecutive thirty day period.

No vehicle of any kind may be parked, stored, or otherwise permitted to remain at any time on grass or any other similar portion of any Lot of any other place within the Subdivision not intended customarily for use for parking of vehicles, or in a slanted or diagonal manner across any driveway or other designated parking space, in such manner as to obstruct or impede sidewalk, driveway or street access or usage, or in such manner that any part of the vehicle extends in to any part of any street or common drive.

At least one occupant vehicle must be parked in the garage before another occupant vehicle is parked upon the private driveway. At least three occupant vehicles must be parked in the garage and the driveway of the applicable lot before any other occupant vehicle as to that lot is parked in the street. Parking upon a private driveway as aforesaid is permitted only if the driveway is of sufficient size that the entire occupant vehicle can be parked wholly within the private driveway. Guest vehicles must be parked in the driveway of the lot being visited in parking therein is available. Otherwise, guest vehicles may be parked in the street. When parking of occupant or guest vehicles is allowed in the street, the vehicles must be parked along the side of the street in front of, and on the same side of the street of, the lot at which the operator of the occupant vehicle resides or which the guest is visiting. Guest vehicles or any other vehicle within thirty feet of any limited access gate is strictly prohibited at any time.


Section 7.02 Pets, Animals and Livestock
Permitted pets, per the restrictions, are dogs, cats or other usual household pets. Not more than two (2) Permitted Pets are allowed per Lot.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, the following are hereby excluded as Permitted Pets and shall not be allowed within any residence, upon any Lot or at any other place within the Subdivision, any dog whose breed is known for its viciousness or ill temper, in particular, the American Staffordshire Terrier, known as a “Pit Bull Terrier”, and any dog which in fact exhibits viciousness or ill temper, and any animal of any kind that has venom or poisonous or capture mechanisms, or if let loose would constitute vermin.

All permitted pets must be kept on a leash or otherwise maintained under the control of their owner when not maintained in an enclosed yard from which the Permitted Pet cannot escape. Each Owner, tenant or guest of an Owner shall have the absolute duty and responsibility to clean up after such animals to the extent they have used any portion of the Lot of another Owner or any Common Area.


After consideration of the current maintenance and operating cost along with the future needs of the Association, the Board will fix the general assessment annually.
The 2016 assessment is $2,545/annually - ($1,641 Maintenance Fee/ $904 Water Assessment)

You may pay your assessments online by clicking the link below:

Online Assessment Payment Center

ACC Requirements

Approval from the Architectural Control Committee must be received prior to the commencement of any modifications to the exterior of your home including any landscaping changes. Please submit a Home Improvement Request form to King Property Management for your proposed modifications to be reviewed.


Regulatory Documents

The Regulatory Documents will provide you with detailed information on how the Association operates, including Rules & Regulations. Please see the attached documents that govern your community.


Trash Collection Days

Trash is collected at your community on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Recycled trash is collected at your community on Fridays.

Trash can only be placed at the pick-up-site the evening before collection. Trash containers must be removed from public view no later than midnight of the collection day.

Landscaping Days

Common areas are maintained by the Homeowners Association.

The general landscaping service day at your community is on Tuesdays.