A division of TKE Development Services, Ltd.

Land Planning/Platting Services

TKE Development Services, Ltd., general partner Belinda King, utilizes many years of experience to provide its clients with exceptional land planning and platting services. This company does not provide surveying services, builders/developers utilize their personal surveyors to provide the boundary and xy coordinates necessary for plat submittal.

The City of Houston’s Planning and Development Department is responsible for the implementation of a variety of ordinances, policies, contracts, programs and studies. The Department checks subdivision plats for the proper subdivision of land and for adequate street or right-of-way, building lines and for compliance with Chapter 42, the City’s land development ordinance. Development site plans are checked for compliance with regulations that include parking, tree and shrub requirements, setbacks, and access.

TKE is knowledgeable of these ordinances and policies, which ensure that clients are receiving premium services for their intended development. TKE and personnel attend planning commission meetings to stay current on the outcome of Class II and III plat submittals as well as amending plats, public hearings and variances. TKE maintains solid relationships with the planning personnel to assure clients receive the best input on submitted plats and their outcome.

Services are provided for:

  • Residential subdivisions, inclusive of variances and public hearings.
  • Commercial reserves, inclusive of variances and public hearings.
  • General plans.
  • Development site plan requirements.
  • Amending Plats.